If you are a landlord, talk to All Property Solutions Singapore about promoting and renting out your property.

We are experienced in handing properties for lease in Singapore. Our leasing and property management team have developed proven marketing strategies that are results driven, and management process to ensures your properties are well taken care of.

Our partnership with Heyagime, one of the top property manager & leasing agency in Tokyo means that your properties get shown first to our list of Japan corporate tenant who send their employees to Singapore every year. This represents an additional avenue of tenant source and a good one as we know of Japanese tenants, who always take great care of the properties.

Our Commitment

Rental appraisal
We will visit your property and do a rental appraisal for your property, so as to give you an accurate picture of your property's income potential on the rental market. We will discuss any of your preference of tenant selection and other lease details and terms. Our specialist will advise you if there are improvement to be made so as to enhance your return of investment.
Marketing strategy
We understand our tenants and what they expect. Quality photos and videos will be taken during the inspection, couple with a comprehensive list of inventories of the unit. We arrange comprehensive online and offline marketing advertisement to attract potential tenants and also work with agents active in your area. You can be assured that our marketing campaigns cast a wide net over the target market. Additionally, your properties will also be listed on our Japanese language website, Heyagime Singapore , where Japanese can search before they come to Singapore or when they wanted to change their housing upon the next renewal of tenancy.
Proper Documentation
We will ensure that proper documentation is filed in line with industry's best practice and government regulation to ensure your best interest is protected. Thorough background checks on tenant staying in your unit, including checks with the authorities on their valid passes, company HR on their work in Singapore, and more.
Ongoing tenant management
Our work don't stop after we secured the tenants for your and processed all the necessary documentation. We continue to work as liaison with the tenant to ensure their stay is smooth and hustle free.
Full property management
We understand many landlords have busy schedule, stay overseas or just want to spend more time doing what they like instead of having to manage their investment property. We provide an option for such clients to appoint us as their proxy in receiving their rent, pay their maintenance bills, property tax, handle repairs, maintenance and provide monthly, yearly statements for tax filing purposes.