You may already be aware of the great potential in the international property markets, but have yet to take the next step. Many investors often feel they lack the ‘local’ market knowledge required to achieve optimal capital gain or rental income. They also often have difficulty finding good professional contacts in other countries, such as a qualified mortgage broker, lawyer, accountant or property manager.

When it comes to property, All Property Solutions Singapore is extremely particular. We only present the very best property opportunities.

Before a property is listed, we subject it to a detailed due diligence process. This results in many properties being rejected.

The process is streamlined by the fact All Property Solutions Singapore has already identified those developers who consistently build high-quality developments on time. We have strong working relationships with these companies and, consequently, enjoy early access – often pre-launch – to many high-calibre properties. This is a major advantage for our clients.

Prior to sale, we pre negotiate on all of our properties. In this way, you are presented with the best deal at the out set, as well as exclusive offerings that are often not available to other buyers. These may include rental guarantees, free window furnishings or free iPads2.

Guidelines for selection

Before purchasing a property, it is important to thoroughly research and understand the local market. At All Property Solutions Singapore, we have carried out the research for you.

While the credentials of a sound investment property are always influenced by the old adage “Location, location, location”, local knowledge is critical.

When considering where to purchase an investment property, we focus on the inner city and city fringe locations, where rental demand is strong.

Questions we ask in relation to each property:

What are the changing demographics of the area?

  • What factors are affecting supply and demand, such as population growth rates or impending changes to council or government legislation?
  • Does the asking price represent current market values?
  • Why is one side of the street more prized than the other?
  • How attractive is the property and location to potential tenants?
  • What is the rental demand and what is the anticipated rental yield?
  • Does the floor plan allow for an attractive aspect, view, sunlight/shade, etc?
  • How close is the property to local infrastructure, such as schools, shopping centres, public transport and main roads?

Understanding these inter-related issues is critical to making an informed investment decision.

With All Property Solutions Singapore undertaking the research, you are also benefiting from the team’s marketplace experience, the company’s detailed historical data and proven purchasing processes.